Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines Rolled Felt Flower Wreath

Remember when I told you how I was trying to make a wreath here well I finished it just in time for Valentines. 

Learn how to make the rolled felt flowers here.

I love how this wreath turned out.

This wreath is fairly simple. Just the matter of time it takes to make all of the felt rolled flowers.

I started out with a basic foam ring bought from the craft store.

I wrapped strips of white fabric around the wring securing with hot glue.

I made dozens of different sizes and colors of rolled felt flowers. I went with traditional Valentines colors.

Using hot glue I glued each rolled felt flower to the fabric making sure they are tight and close to each one.

After lots of gluing and rolling felt covering every bit of the wreath, I finish it off with a felt bow.

And that my pretty Valentines Wreath with Felt!

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Love <3 Lace

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