Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Letters:Craft Corner

Hey Everyone!

I haven't been a very good blogger lately.
I have been making things just not very inspired to share them lol I hope that happens to everyone.

Well I have been working hard to make something of my craft area. So I will be doing some posts to share what I am doing and making while I finish my craft corner.

I had these foam letters of my name my Mom gave me many years ago and they are super cute but I wasn't sure what to  do with them anymore. They were pink and white, and didn't really go with the colors I am using. So I ask my husband what I should do with them and he said paint them and put them on your craft desk. Good idea!

I wasn't sure if they would paint very well, but this type of foam does.

I had pictures of the process of making them so you could see before and afters but I can find them anywhere!

Aren't they cute?
I love making over the things I have to give it new life.
I just painted them a Tiffany blue and dressed up the Y with some craft pearls.

Love <3 Lace

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