Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Memories!

In honor of Valentines Day 
I am going to write in this pretty peachy-pink color!

Growing up I LOVED LOVED valentines day.
It was always one I looked forward to. I would with the help of my mom pick out a cute Valentines day outfit that I would wear to school. I remember the excitement of filling out my cute Valentines for friends and classmates and not wanting to wait to hand them out. I LOVED it but Valentines didn't love me as much. Several years in my elementary school days I was sick on Valentines and I had to stay home and miss the Valentines Party. I hated this but my mom always made Valentines a fun holiday for us no matter if I was sick or not. She would put up decorations and help us make cute Valentines Day treats and would give us each a valentines present. I always looked forward to these traditions.
This year I hope I don't spend it sick! 
I Hope you all can feel the spirit of Valentines Day this Year! 

From Left to Right. Me (Lace), Natalie, and Kate
Happy Valentines From my cute sisters 
and myself back in the day!

Love <3 Lace

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