Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Limeade in a Cupcake!

Ahh Spring is here and there is nothing like Cherry Limeade to ring in spring.
And nothing like a yummy cupcake either.
So how about some Cherry Limeade Cupcakes!

I made these for a family birthday party. My sister in law always makes me cherry limeade when I go to her house so when I saw this recipe for a cherry limeade cupcake I had to make them for her birthday.
Everyone loved them and thought they were super yummy.
I think they look super cute!

So are you tempted yet? Would you like to make your own cherry limeade cupcakes?
Well you can too!
Head over to Annies-Eats for the recipe.

Love <3 Lace

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bountiful Baskets and such

I grew up in CA with plentiful amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Living now in Utah I was noticing the lack of fresher and afodable produce until I heard about Bountiful Baskets a co-op that is ran by volunteers and people like me the make a contribution to buy the product. We recently started receiving bountiful baskets and LOVE everything we get. Their basic basket is made up of half fruits and vegetables and normally fills up a big laundry basket all for $16.50
They have locations for pick up in many states click here to find a location near you!

In our last basket we had kale I didn't know what to do with kale so we tried this recipe

Baked Parmesan Kale Chips from Skinny Taste 

They were so yummy I was surprised how much everyone who tried them loved them!

<3 Lace

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've been a bit MIA lately....

this is not a craft post.
so if that's what you are looking for skip this one.
this isn't a post to give you a million reasons/excuses as to why I haven't blogged.
but more as to what I have learned in these about two weeks of being MIA.

it's ok to cry in public.
walks in the sun are good for the soul.
comfort food is good but a friend to talk to is much better.
I'm my worst judge/critic.
It's never as bad as it seems.
doing something I love makes my heart warm.
I miss not regularly crafting and posting!

Ok so that is my little list of things I have learned/rediscovered. 

I have been trying tweaking my blog I just wasn't loving the look and feel so maybe one day I will figure it all out as for now I am still a student in all blogging maters.

And Lastly I want to know what things you would like me to post about. If you have a recipe I should try please share it in the comments below, or if you have something you think I would love to make please share it in the comments below. 

I have a bunch of half done projects so I will get back to finishing them so I can share!! Yay! 

Love <3 Lace

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Birthday Minnie and Mickey Mouse Cupcakes!!

Yay Its my Birthday! 

I am one of those silly people who love to cook and even make there own birthday cake! Weird? I know!

I saw a picture for mickey and Minnie mouse cupcakes but for the life of me can find where it came from.
So I made up my own version and instructions.

I just made a simple white cupcake
and whipped up my fluffy white butter cream frosting.

1 cup softened butter
whipping cream
powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

With my mixer I beat the butter and start adding a little cream and a few cups of powdered sugar give it a whirl with the mixer and add vanilla and more sugar till the consistency fluffy yet not wet.
I really dont measure when making this frosting and just go by taste and texture.

When my cupcakes are cooled I piped a circle of frosting on each cupcake place one big Oreo cookie in the bottom center and two mini Oreos above the other like ears. For the Minnie ones I piped a bow on with pink with a easy sugar water and food color I mixed up. 

Super easy and super cute.
My nieces and nephews loved them so much!