Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've been a bit MIA lately....

this is not a craft post.
so if that's what you are looking for skip this one.
this isn't a post to give you a million reasons/excuses as to why I haven't blogged.
but more as to what I have learned in these about two weeks of being MIA.

it's ok to cry in public.
walks in the sun are good for the soul.
comfort food is good but a friend to talk to is much better.
I'm my worst judge/critic.
It's never as bad as it seems.
doing something I love makes my heart warm.
I miss not regularly crafting and posting!

Ok so that is my little list of things I have learned/rediscovered. 

I have been trying tweaking my blog I just wasn't loving the look and feel so maybe one day I will figure it all out as for now I am still a student in all blogging maters.

And Lastly I want to know what things you would like me to post about. If you have a recipe I should try please share it in the comments below, or if you have something you think I would love to make please share it in the comments below. 

I have a bunch of half done projects so I will get back to finishing them so I can share!! Yay! 

Love <3 Lace

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