Friday, March 2, 2012

My Birthday Minnie and Mickey Mouse Cupcakes!!

Yay Its my Birthday! 

I am one of those silly people who love to cook and even make there own birthday cake! Weird? I know!

I saw a picture for mickey and Minnie mouse cupcakes but for the life of me can find where it came from.
So I made up my own version and instructions.

I just made a simple white cupcake
and whipped up my fluffy white butter cream frosting.

1 cup softened butter
whipping cream
powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

With my mixer I beat the butter and start adding a little cream and a few cups of powdered sugar give it a whirl with the mixer and add vanilla and more sugar till the consistency fluffy yet not wet.
I really dont measure when making this frosting and just go by taste and texture.

When my cupcakes are cooled I piped a circle of frosting on each cupcake place one big Oreo cookie in the bottom center and two mini Oreos above the other like ears. For the Minnie ones I piped a bow on with pink with a easy sugar water and food color I mixed up. 

Super easy and super cute.
My nieces and nephews loved them so much! 

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