About Me

Hi!I am Lacy or known as Lace in the blogger world. I love crafty things and cooking and also my Husband who loves to eat my cooking so, it works out well. I love taking my ideas I have and making them into things to be enjoyed. I have always been a small town contry girl. I grew up on a 4-H hobby farm in CA and WV. My parents moved a few times while in my adalacents, giving me the oppetunity to experiance many of the great and wonderful opportunities and things our country has to offer. I met my husband in Utah in January 2011. It was love at first site. We were married 9 months later. We love couponing, home improvements, and even crafting together. My husband is my constent support in all my crazy ideas and projects.

I hope you all join us on this wonderful ride of life as I share with you crafts, recipes, wreaths, and other funny and thoughtful tidbits! 

Love <3 Lace

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  1. Lacy, i love your site and all the things you have wrote, you are so cute, Love you grandma