Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Bathroom Remodel Reveal!

For the past three weeks my husband and I have been working on our little basement suite bathroom.

I wanted to take what we had and make it better easily and low on cost. Man we hit that goal on the head. I started looking at different blogs that have done bathrooms of the same size as ours. I love two I found and most inspiration come from 

february 2012 master bathroom after 057 1

And I loved the board at batten from Thrifty and Chic

SO you wanna see what my bathroom looked like when we started?

Yeah it doesn't look very inviting and needed a lot of love.

But now I love it.

We added board and batten to the walls that really open up that bathroom. 
My husband built the shelves above the toilet.
This was a super fun project that made a huge difference in the spaces feel and functionality.

I will be posting more blogs on this remodle and how we did for low cost our selves. 

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<3 Lace


  1. Very cute, Lacey! It doesn't even look like the same bathroom. :)

  2. Fantastic - you are SO TALENTED - come and do mine anytime - raewyn