Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Potato Soup with Rivels

I grew up having this soup and I love it.
My mother caught the concept on a news show cooking segment a long time ago she then adapted it for our family and taught me this recipe. I now make it for my husband and his family. 

This Potato soup is a little different then most others. It contains red potatoes, bacon, and onion, as wells as rivels.
Unlike most potato soups that are thickened by flour and butter this soup has rivels. Rivels are a egg and flour mixture that make some dumpling like pieces. 

Wanna make this super easy and yummy recipe?
Well keep reading I will take you step by step.

What you will need.
6-9 Red potatoes if you have smaller ones use more and for larger use less.
6 cups chicken broth
4 slices bacon chopped
1 cup onion chopped 
3 cups milk
1 1/2 cups flour 
2 eggs
3 drops Tabasco sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper

Chop your red potatoes into small pieces.
Place in your soup pot.
Cover with chicken broth.
Allow to simmer for about 20-30 mins till soft.
While potatoes cook in a separate frying pan add chopped bacon pieces.
Cook the bacon till it starts to crisp then add chopped onion.
Cook till onion is soft and bacon is crisp. 
Let bacon and onion rest on a paper towel to drain off grease. Set aside.
In small bowl add eggs and flour and with fork mix together. Keep combining and cutting with fork till you form rivels, they will look like small rice grains. 
When potatoes are soft add the milk and rivels and cook for ten minutes on medium high heat. The rivels will thicken up the soup and rivels will be soft. 

Add bacon and onion mixture, slat, pepper, and Tabasco sauce. Cook for five more minutes on low. Then you are ready to serve.
This recipe makes six large servings.

Hope you like it. If you try it let me know in the comments below! 

Love <3 Lace

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  1. We just made this for the missionaries and they loved it! They each had several bowlfuls. I doubled the recipe, added 2 stalks of leeks finely chopped, 4 stalks of chopped celery & about 2 cups of chopped carrots too... yummy :-) We served it with a chopped salad, multigrain rolls and a homemade pound cake with strawberries. Yummy yummy