Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Ballerinas

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina, like most little girls do! My mother took me and my sisters to ballet class supporting us in this dream we all had of being ballerinas. 
I found out years later that my large feet and odd proportions were not meant for the dance floor, so I did not become a ballerina and that's fine by me. My sisters Kate and Natalie on the other hand are true ballerinas. Kate lives in Washington D.C. living the life of a ballerina. She amazes me with her talent and perseverance to reach for her dreams. Natalie continues her training in ballet along with trying new sports and activities like her new found talent in swimming. It is true that training in ballet can help you in any physical activity. It is pretty obvious that I have grown up and around the ballet world and it still is apart of my life as I continue to support my beautiful ballerina sisters. 

Kate as Clara, and Natalie as a Russian girl with the Nutcracker Prince 

We love to share are love and experience in ballet with other little girls. My cousins wife just recently had a little baby girl, we could not pass up the opportunity to make her little one her very own ballerina outfit, so with the efforts of our mother and sisters we all set off to make a very personal to us gift that held a story behind it. 

My mother crochet these very delicate soft pink baby ballerina slippers 

My sisters made this beautiful pink baby tutu names the Kate tutu.

My sisters would make tutus to raise money for their ballet school. Every ballerina that made a tutu would name it after their self, so every little girl that received one of these tutus also received a story of the ballerina that made it. Kate included hers for our cousin's baby girl.  In the card is two pictures of Kate one of her as a 3 year old little ballerina and one recent picture as the sugar plum fairy for the Washington ballet's nutcracker.

Kate as the Washington Ballet's Sugar Plum Fairy 

I appliqued these onesies by hand of ballet slippers.

And whats a cute little ballerina without some matching bows? These were also made by myself as well.

And tired with ribbons and bows.

All together these precious hand made gifts create a one of a kind baby shower gift for a little girl to be welcomed into the world with. All little girls should have the chance to dream of being a ballerina one day. 

With love <3 Lacy, Our Mommy Tamra, Kate, and Natalie!

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