Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Batman Birthday cakes and cupcakes

In our family batman is pretty popular.
My husband is one of the biggest fans of batman out there and our nephew is following him.

I just wanted to share the batman birthday cake I made for my nephew and cupcakes for my husband. 

The cake was many ideas I had seen before put together in one cake. It was quite simple but very fun.

I made two 8" round chocolate cakes allowed them to cool then place on a pan covered in foil and stuck in the freezer for an hour. Freezing cakes make them really easy to frost. The frosting is a simple chocolate with a little bit of black food dye to make it look more like black without tasting like tons of food dye. The add white frosting circles in the middle to create the number 8. It was my nephews 8th birthday by the way. The buildings are chocolate wafer cookies cut at different shapes then stuck to the sides and in the middle along the white circle. Yellow frosting piped on in little dots and lines create the building effect and some yellow lines pipped on for the street. I added a few batman toys I bought for him to keep to the cake the hella-copter is on a skewer with a dot of hot glue to keep it on along with the bat symbol.

For the batman symbol cupcakes they were super simple.

I made cupcakes and yellow butter cream and frosted in a frosting bag with a round tip. For the bat symbols they are made of chocolate. I just printed of a bat symbol of the size I wanted placed it under a piece of wax paper then with melted chocolate in a frosting bag with a small hole I piped it on tracing the symbol and filling it in and allowing it to cool in the fridge. Once cool carefully peel of and place on cupcakes and ta-dah its awesome!!

Do you make birthday cakes for your family?
What are some you have done?
Tell me in the comments below! 
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Hope you all have a wonderful day!
<3 Lace

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