Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple Fix with Curtains

My mom and I where just discussing how curtains are such a easy and cheap fix to a room.
Well I remembered that when I was trying to tackle this area.

The shelf isn't anything fancy I wasn't ready to paint it at the moment, but I wanted to give a more finished look.
So I bought a tension rod from Walmart. They run around $2. And scored some cheap fabric (5yd for $4!). 

A little cleaning up and finding homes for batman and other things that didn't belong. 

I love hiding things. I wasn't a fan of showing off the fact that we have all the seasons of Simpsons on DVD. 
So curtains on a book self work perfect.
Cheap and easy fix.

Curtains don't have to be just for windows anymore! 

Love <3 Lace

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