Thursday, February 9, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Rag Wreath

I know it isn't even valentines or March yet....
But I had the urge to make these cute wreaths.
Yes I made two. 
Gave one to my MIL and the other for me.

I love a cute wreath that I happen to have everything for.

SO here is how I made them.

Here are the supplies.
All the green fabric I had on hand (scraps and such)
Green ribbons
Wire (you can use a hanger) I had some green craft wire its not as sturdy as a hanger.

I used a frying pan about 13" and wrapped my wire around it to create a nice circle then twisted the ends together.

My wreath form.

I cut strips 1"x 7" from my fabric, ribbon, and burlap.
(you cant see the burlap in the picture but I also used a green tinted burlap.

I just went in the line of my piles and took a piece tied it on the wire and went to the next pile repeating until the wreath was full. Also it helps to push the knots together to create a full wreath.
I had enough for two wreaths.

Here is wreath #1 I added a bow and some foil clovers from the dollar store.

And here is wreath #2 with a little Irish hat and large clover from the dollar store and a bow.

I love how these turned out so very cute and easy.

Love <3 Lace

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