Sunday, January 8, 2012

The beginning of Sugar, Spice, and Lace!


So not only is this a welcome to you
But also a welcome to myself
To the world of Blogging

With the new year in full swing now I was thinking....
I didn't have any new years goals, resolutions, ext set.

That leads me to why I am writing this right now.

My 2012 New Years Goals

1. Take a walk!

I used to be fairly active when I live in a city and walked and took the bus everywhere. Now I live back in my beloved small town setting. I love it ,but I don't exercise! So to not go crazy I am just going to start by taking a walk everyday.

2. Making something everyday.

I have a creative mind and when I take time to exercise it I feel so much better. So my goal is to make something everyday whether it is making dinner, a hair clip, a sewing project, or baking cookies. I pretty much already do this. I just want to make more of an effort to do so. This takes me to my last goal that explains my new adventure of blogging...

3. Blog it!

Whats the good in being creative and making cute things if your not sharing it for others to enjoy? I have always admired people that blog their creativity. So that's what I am going to do. I am going to take my crafty things, cooking goodies, and the what nots and share them for whoever will read this blog. I have no clue what I am getting myself into I am much of a novice when it comes to blogging but I guess you learn as you go. I will make mistakes and I will learn ways to improve.

What are you New Years Goal, or Resolutions?
Do you set and keep your New Years Goal, or Resolutions?

SO from me to you...Happy New Years

Love <3 Lace

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