Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ok so we all know its Winter Time and sometimes you can find yourself unable to sleep as well do to stuffiness (nasal congestion).

Well my husband and I received a sample of the best product EVER to help you breath better and night.

I had seen this product before but never really thought it could or would help me. 
These strips are easy to use and inexpensive and that is a plus.
The technology is simple the strips are adhesive you simply wash and dry your nose and place the strip in the middle bridge of your nose. The strips have a bendy plastic that opens your nose allowing you to breathe better. 
They can also help with snoring and deviated septums.
You can find more about this simple yet great product here.

Along with your free sample you will receive a coupon to use for the purchase of breathe right strips.

Breathe Right offers different types of strips and you can read about them here.

After trying the strips my husband loved the advanced four point strips. I on the other hand have a small nose so the breathe right kids fits better.

Love <3 Lace

*Note I was not paid by the product and the opinions shared are of my own.*

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