Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Story of the LACE!

It may be known that I have a lot of Lace.
Yes it used to be bigger, this is the sweet $10 find bolt of lace! 

Not only is my name Lacy, but I love lace.

So for our wedding I really wanted to have a lace theme for the decor to go along with well my name of course!
The Lace on my wedding dress. 
The lace on my flower bouquet that I made. 

 I added lace to what ever I could. Even my husband's boutonniere, and all the other flowers I made.

After all the wedding crafting and decorating with the bolt of lace I still had tons of it!

So what does one Lacy do when she has tons of lace? 
Well she makes more things with it of course!


Pretty hair clips

More hair clips!

And when you might be sick of hair clips one more!

 A wreath all draped in lace!

And this is a sneak peak of something pretty I am making.
And yes it is Lace!

Love <3 Lots of Lace 

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