Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jewelry, bow, hair-clip Holder

How I made my picture frame earning Holder!

Cute? I thought soo..

This project was pretty easy. 
I went to my local Michael store with a half off coupon.
 (if you go there often always bring a coupon)
I bought a unfinished wood frame.
Mine is a 10"x13".
I painted it and let it dry.
When it was dry I cut 10" pieces of 1/8" cable
(bought from local hardware store)
I only put three on mine so I cute three pieces, 
but you can add as many rows as you would like. 

My husband helped me on this next step.
We held the cable in place where we wanted it to be,
and took the staple gun and stapled each piece in place.
It is kinda tricky keeping it tight. 
So get someone to help you with this step.

Mine were a little loose, 
but when you put earrings or hair-clips on them you don't notice.
 I left a bigger space on the bottom to allow longer earrings to hang.

Add some cup hooks that I screwed right in the bottom for necklaces and headbands to hang.
I put four on mine .

Finish with some pretty ribbon tired around the top with a bow to allow you to hang it up.

Pretty easy! 

There you have it how to make my Jewelry holder!

Love <3 Lace

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